Beini 1.2.5 [Wireless WiFi]

A Linux distribution with powerful built WiFi audit

We are facing a small Linux distribution LiveCD prepared with a set of excellent tools for security auditing WiFi . If you want to test the strength of your wireless network in an intuitive and powerful tools, Beini is one of the most sought after.

Just 50 megs occupies an ISO file that can be recorded on a CD or a USB flash drive or booted using USB memory. Beini is very fast and supports a large range of devices and WiFi chipsets (Ralink, Atheros AR9271 …), that they are expanding with each update. To audit functions have two basic tools: the first, Bib , is a WiFi scanner that measures the intensity of the signal and detects networks around us. The second, Feedingbottle , is a packet injection utility where we can select the WiFi card, the listening mode and the type of attack.

This type of tool is not always effective, and not for users without knowledge. But if you know leverage is one of the most powerful auditing tools today.

Beini 1.2.5 [Wireless WiFi]

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