Bit Che 2.0 Build 48

Bit Che is an application dedicated to all users of the BitTorrent network to download files from the Web This is in fact a tool that allows you to search for files . Torrent Online through a single graphical interface that provides quick access to over 60 search engines specializing in this type of file. In a few clicks, in short, you can do a search in all the main engines on the web, without having to necessarily connect to each of them clearly and increasing the chances of detecting the desired Torrent.

Into The list of websites within which research is done is quite wide, ranging from the famous PirateBay , IsoHunt , Mininova h33t btjunkie and the lesser known but no less provided Mp3Nova, myBittorrent, NewTorrents, SloTorrent, Snarf-it, TorrentBox, TorrentReactor and many others, which allow you to use the files found with Bit Che without making any recording. This procedure can be rather essential if you want to download a file. BitNation of this torrent, Demonoid, FileList,, SuperTorrents and other websites prominent in the scene Torrent. Into Like any search tool that respect, even Bit Che allows you to customize the parameters with which to scan the database for files in. torrents. Before launching any research it is possible to set some advanced options to perform filtering operations , which allow for example to remove files that contain specific strings or that exceed a certain threshold. Similarly can be removed automatically duplicate files, is among those identified on the same search engine that among those provided between the results globally. To further refine the search, you can also select specific categories, Audio, Video, Apps and Games among which you can choose. Into One of the most interesting features of Bit Che is the ability to perform different operations directly within the application: through the list of results, you can obtain a series of such additional information each file shown, such as the overall size, creation date, the number of complete sources and more, thanks to the ability of the software to read the information contained in each file. torrents. Similarly you can start downloading this in a simple click or open it in your BitTorrent client by default, thanks to integration with all major software belonging to this sector implemented over time by the developers, and where it is essential to connect to the web page that hosts the Torrent is available a special item in the menu.

Into addition to the traditional version of Bit Che is available edition called “ Guevara “, which provides access to advanced features such as the organization of research in the cards, so to make more research at the same time and possibly make comparisons between the results shown, the ability to select the exact format of the file you want, and provides a nice extension that automatically searches depending on the day of the week. This version appears to be free, although the developers encourage their users to make possibly a small donation through PayPal to support the evolution of a project that provides free instruments of great value.

Into Bit Che is available in about 35 different languages, including Italian too, selectable using the classical configuration menu accessible from the toolbar. This aspect, combined with a graphical user interface rather spartan and easy to use, makes the application intuitive and accessible to less experienced, serving as a simple search engine fitted inside a desktop application. Among the strengths of this software, there is also the ability to find files. Torrent fairly fast despite the large number of websites within which research is done, with results that are sorted automatically in real time a suitable algorithm in order to show at the top of the content of most importance. Overall, therefore, this software

Bit Che 2.0 Build 48

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