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360 Total Security will protect you from the vast majority of viruses, malware and other series of threats you’ll encounter while surfing the Internet. We are facing one of the best free antivirus on the market.

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360 Total Security
Download 360 Total Security

Five antivirus engines at your service
360 Total Security is free. Forget trial periods (like Malwarebytes ) or need to pay to unlock certain functions. It is a surprising fact when you consider that the program is more than just an antivirus: Accelerator also includes the performance of your PC ( PC Accelerate in the program) and Cleanup ( Disk Cleanup ).

Antivirus uses five engines, including 360 Cloud Engine (by Qihoo, the company behind Total Security), QVMII, Avira and Bitdefender. We have analyzed our PC and has not only impressed by the speed, we have also delighted our attention the program. For example, we have found a threat reappeared again and again every which we started cleaning. To inspect in detail the threat, we have seen a record 360 Total Security recommending we try to eliminate this possible virus after turning on the computer. So we did and, now, the problem disappeared. Bright. Another program we had not offered any recommendations.

Engines Avira and Bitdefender are two great additions but we recommend that activate specific cases that use a lot of RAM. You want a high protection while surfing? Bitdefender uses. Want to prioritize the performance of your PC? Avira commitment. Both engines are disabled by default.

You have the option to install an extension 360 Total Security for your browser. In this way the antivirus alert you if you get into suspicious pages, if you have pending updates…

Accelerate PC functions and Cleanup are excellent complements. Accelerate PC allows you to disable processes such programs running at boot-up, slowing down your boot. Cleanup makes such a painstaking task that at the end tells you the content that can not be removed because you’re running programs that use it.

We felt cared for and looked after the test function 360 Total Security, which usually does not happen with antivirus. We had the impression that the program cared about us users.

One of the few “but” 360 Total Security are your counted confusion. For example, if your antivirus sometimes been labeled a game executable as malicious. And if your PC Accelerate function, once we were forced to reinstall Chrome because it had altered the paths. We recommend looking at each report in detail before running the process shift . Normally 360 Total Security alerts you of possible side effects to clean or change a program.

A quick and effective interface
“Optimization”, “efficiency” and “speed” are some of the words that come to mind when we think of interface 360 Total Security. Just start you are offered the possibility of a quick cleaning of your PC (acceleration, antivirus and release) within two or three minutes. Each time you start a process, the program foregrounds a stopwatch, as if her proud little time you use.

The interface lets you clear about your specific options for each function. Antivirus section will take you seconds to select whether you want a quick scan , full manual or what drives you want to activate are. In Accelerating Cleanup PC and will be easy to set the actions you want to 360 Total Security carried out.
Are you looking for an antivirus to look after you? 360 Total Security Test.

360 Total Security is a free and very complete antivirus that will protect you, I takes very little time and also takes care of you as a user . We tried a few such programs that prioritize peace of mind. And only for this detail we recommend you download it even if you already have another antivirus of choice.

Download 360 Total Security Free

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