Download Gadu-Gadu 10.5

The curious name of Gadu-Gadu refers to a freeware instant messaging and VoIP, this software is not very common in our country is actually the most widely used in Poland.

On a par with MSN Messenger and Skype, at least in the functions, the software has been created by the Polish GG Network around the year 2000.

The operation of Gadu-Gadu is very similar to that of ICQ seen that, to identify users, the program associated with each a number where then the individual user can be identified with its own nickname.

Lately GG Network has launched services between subscribers via VoIP to talk and send SMS, on the other hand if, as a network, the service is used by more than 6 million users, there is a full support for the next years.

Download Gadu-Gadu 10.5

Gadu-Gadu 10.5