Download QupZilla 1.4.2

QupZilla is modern web browser based mostly on WebKit core and Qt Framework. WebKit guarantees fast searching and Qt availability on all main platforms.

Native look’n’feel

QupZilla is utilizing native widgets fashion on key Linux Desktop Environments. It is also employing icons from the lively desktop icon theme. If you uncover native themes too boring or have some troubles with it, you can constantly switch to other themes.

Unified Library

QupZilla unifies bookmarks, historical past and rss reader in a single nicely-organized window. No much more multiple windows, QupZilla uses just one!

With the integrated rss reader, you can stay up to date with your favourite websites. QupZilla can also import bookmarks from other browsers.

Integrated AdBlock

Are you bored of sites total of ads? Are they consuming your bandwidth and time? The only factor you need to have with QupZilla is to update EasyList or possibly add your personal guidelines and start off searching ad cost-free.

Velocity Dial

This popular extension is finally obtainable for QupZilla users! You can now entry your favourite pages as rapidly as you want on one particular page opened in new tab. Needless to say that it fully supports drag&ampdrop and webpage thumbnail loading.

What is New:

This model brings a lot of new characteristics, you can go through about some of them in my preceding posts. Password manager was greatly enhanced to correctly extract kinds from pages and is now also possible to save more end users for one site (customers can be switched with crucial icon in location bar).

Extremely critical modify is that config directory is now in ~/.config/qupzilla by default. It will, even so, use the outdated ~/.qupzilla if it exists (and ~/.config/qupzilla does not). While it is (and will usually be) backwards compatible, I would recommend you to manually move ~/.qupzilla into ~/.config/qupzilla.

This edition is also the first edition that is officially supported on Mac OS X, app picture will be available later on.

I have produced new v1.4 branch at git and will attempt to backport fixes from master branch and release bugfix 1.4.x versions.

  • can now be compiled employing Qt five
  • QtWebKit 2.3 new features – caret searching, animated scrolling, spell checking
  • added assistance for FTP listing files and downloading
  • additional assistance for conserving passwords of multiple consumers per web site
  • added support for exhibiting tabs on leading
  • added much more actions to super menu, also present menu inside window
  • asking user whether to let site to use notifications/geolocation
  • alternative to set JavaScript privacy permissions
  • option to hide reload/cease buttons in navigationbar
  • alternative to disable alt/ctrl + numbers shortcuts
  • choice to switch to tab from locationbar popup completer
  • selection to set where to retailer network cache
  • conserving passwords need to now perform for significantly much more internet sites
  • enhanced showing navigation toolbar in fullscreen
  • moved config directory into ~/.config/qupzilla
  • certificates bundle is now only employed on windows
  • decreased memory utilization of AdBlock (saves up to 30MB with just EasyList)
  • significantly improved functionality when matching regexp guidelines in AdBlock
  • GreaseMonkey: reload script if source file transformed on disk
  • fixed opening browser with url with ampersand (%26) as command line argument
  • fixed scrolling to anchor in background tabs
  • fixed parsing UTF-8 filenames in Articles-Disposition header
  • fixed crash with context menu in websearchbar and locationbar
  • fixed loading NYTimes skimmer web page
  • fixed cookie domain managing according to RFC 6265
  • fixed qvalue format in Accept-Language HTTP header
  • fixed sorting files case insensitively in file scheme handler
  • fixed possible crash in conserving page screen of a truly prolonged page
  • fixed exhibiting window in fullscreen with XFCE
  • fixed AdBlock blocking netscape plugin even without Click2Flash
  • windows: fixed downloading utf-eight encoded adblock subscriptions
  • windows: improved installer allows registering as default web browser
  • windows: check out and set as default browser from preferences
  • mac: fixed not doing work worldwide menu soon after closing browser window

Download QupZilla 1.4.2

Download QupZilla 1.4.2

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