Download Wireless Wizard 5.2

Wireless Wizard is a program that provides a wizard to help improve the performance and reliability of your wireless network. It is a program for optimizing WiFi, LTE, WiMAX, 3G or 2G You can point to the wireless adapter, measure network performance, identify and quickly resolve problems with your connection she broadband. The wizard will provide the setting Wi-Fi examining their characteristics in order to solve the problems of interference.

Wireless Wizard presents you with a simple interface from which you can run the tests to measure the internet and show info such as information on IP network interface and much more. Among the tools to test a number of options including:

user profile management and managing multiple profiles;
start in the system tray or autostart with Windows;
test band;
control wireless adapter;
IP management;
enable / disable DHCP.

Download Wireless Wizard 5.2

Wireless Wizard 5.2

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