Facebook Flat 3.6.5 For PC, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

  • Browse faster and let your Facebook with a more modern design

Facebook Flat 3.6.5 For PC, is an extension for Google Chrome that a new design for Facebook.

You access the social network usually in your browser, but the interface is cleaner and flat, following more closely the new web trends and mobile software design. Despite this change, the site remains fully functional, even though some options changed place.

Virtually all Facebook tools are organized into a blue bar on the left side, and you need not be looking for anything very hard, since the icons are more intuitive than the original site. As Facebook Flat matter all text traditional site, the interface, though new, is completely translated into Portuguese.

Features of Facebook Flat 3.6.5 For PC;

The sides

Structurally, in addition to this sidebar, only the messenger of the bar, which was on the right side is changed by extension. It just disappears and leaves the window cleaner. You can even chat with your friends via the message icon on the top right of the window.


If you are browsing on Facebook Flat and did not like or adapted very well, there is the possibility to disable the extension there. There is a button above your profile photo that lets you switch between the traditional version and the Flat.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the Flat Facebook and its features, now that we know it.

The perfect extension for those who can not bear to look

Facebook Flat is the perfect extension for those who can not bear to look at the visual dating from Facebook. The social network has the same look for a long time, and if you’re more into modern designs and plans, this extension can make your experience more enjoyable social network.

All you need to do is install the add in your Google Chrome and then access Facebook normally by the browser. Instantly, the new format will be applied to the traditional interface of the social network. That is, there is no difficulty in use. If you did not like the new look, just use the little key that appears above your profile photo to return to normal.


In addition to changing the interface design, the extension eliminates all the ads that appear on the right side of Facebook. Sponsored posts keep coming, as part of your News Feed.

A negative point

What can be seen as a negative point is the fact that some elements are not changed by extension, such as buttons that appear next to the posts in the feed. That leaves a little inconsistent design, but you only notice when you watch closely. The page framework in windows does not always work perfectly well, but this should not be a problem for those who use the browser always in full screen.

Thus, we can say that it is worth doing a test with Facebook Flat to give a new look to the social network. After all, a change here and there is always good.


  • Brings modern design to Facebook
  • Simple to use
  • Button to switch between versions


  • Can damage the automatic classification of the page
  • Some elements are not changed

How to Download Free Facebook Flat 3.6.5 For PC

Download Free Facebook Flat 3.6.5 For PC, from below.

Download Free Facebook Flat 3.6.5 For PC

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