InSSiDer Download For Windows And Mac

Onssider3 AufmacherInSSIDer is a free Wi-Fi scanner that can not only detect active access points, but also present graphically appealing data. The tool is a good alternative to Netstumbler and also works on Windows and Mac OS X.

InSSIDer Functionality:

When it comes to free Wi-Fi scanner, we usually think the name of NetStumbler. Which, however, no longer updated since 2004, characterized mainly occur under Windows Vista or Windows 7 with repeatedly errors and incompatibilities. The tool inSSIDer is therefore a welcome alternative which is actively developed and updated till date. InSSIDer is also there for Mac OS X and Android. The WiFi Scanner provides all functions which are also present in Netstumbler, the found networks is also presented in a little better graphics. So you can for example see how many radio channel networks found at a glance. Thus you can quickly adjust a little-used channel and avoid interference for accessing the network.

The scanner clearly shows active access points and their signal strength, including the channels used over time.

How to Install inSSIDer:

inSSIDer version is available for free as a complete installation package for download. The application for Microsoft operating systems runs on Windows XP, but needed. NET 2.0 to work correctly.

How inSSIDer Works:

InSSIDer explains almost everything himself via the drop-down menu, select the appropriate interface, typically a wireless card. Please note however, that this card may not be associated with an access point. In addition, select the appropriate channel, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are available. Then press “Start Scanning” on inSSIDer and gets to work. In order to obtain more accurate maps of the scanned area, you can connect a GPS module. inSSIDer support the memory card formats NS1 and KML, your route so you can for example import data directly to Google Earth.

inssider set up

Netstumbler is possibly the most widely used wireless scanner, but now inSSIDer is superior to him. inSSIDer runs on Windows XP and is available for Mac OS X as well. Also in the preparation of the data inSSIDer does not lack behind Netstumbler.

InSSiDer Technical Setup Details

Version:  Windows
Manufacturer:  MetaGeek
Download LinkWindows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux
Language: English
Price:      free, version 4 costs $ 19.99
System:  Windows XP, Vista, Windows, Windows 8, Mac OS X
Alternatives: Angry IP Scanner, WLANINFO, WirelessMon, NetStumbler

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