Mcedit 0.16 [Minecraft]

If you’ve ever tried to create a multiplayer server you’ve wanted to change the world as you wish to provide the best experience for your players.

And I speak not just to change some blocks and add a building site, otherwise modify aspects of the generation of “chunks” (areas of land) of the game or the exact location of the point of regeneration (“spawn”).

So mcedit is an indispensable tool that helps us take more control over our server .

When we start the game with mcedit, we see that is very similar to creatively and can fly first person wherever you want. In this way we can locate all sorts of objects and blocks and change of place, so customize a map created randomly by the game.

We also have the ability to create useful structures in blocks or an old version of Minecraft and export it to a new .

And the list of things you can do with mcedit is even longer: change the contents of the boxes, edit the “mob-spawners” (where the monsters regenerate), or even “paint” the terrain blocks to your liking, so that will be much easier to create landscapes and colossal structures.

The possibilities are many and deep … search pages Minecraft community and you will get an idea. Yes, a tip: edit your customer multiplayer worlds off, and make backups to avoid shocks.

Mcedit 0.16 [Minecraft]

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