MotioninJoy 0.6.0005 For PC, Windows XP 7, 8

  • No more experience playing their games on the keyboard, install right now your Playstation 3 control

If you like to play computer games, you have surely suffered to decorate which key performs each of the infinite actions that allow games today. This difficulty is even more evident when the user wants to play fighting games or sports such as Madden NFL, Street Fighter and others with many, many different commands.

Many gamers leave computers and migrate to the islands because of it, but the suffering is now no longer needed, it is possible to install the Playstation 3 Control on your computer and enjoy the wonders of the joypad.

Features of MotioninJoy 0.6.0005 For PC;

Simply owning a Playstation 3 control, can be Sixaxis or Dual Shock, download MotioninJoy 0.6.0005 For PC, and proceed in the following manner explained.


User Profiles

  • Digital Gamepad: enables standard buttons, but not analog.
  • Analog Gamepad 1: enables standard buttons and analog.
  • Analog Gamepad 2: enables the standard buttons, analog and analog triggers.
  • Analog gamepad 3: all of the above and the motion sensor.
  • XBOX 360 Controller Emulator: emulates a control XBOX 360.

After performing the actions indicated, you only need to set up the game and enjoy the facilities of the games for control of the Playstation 3.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the MotioninJoy and its features, now that we know it.

Play computer games, particularly those involving sports and struggles, the keyboard is really difficult, especially for those who have the habit of playing the video games on console. The use of MotioninJoy becomes vital for those who can not decorate button sequence on the keyboard to be used with joypads.

Installation is a bit complicated because it involves installing drivers in unusual ways, the DOS command window. Not taking into account the installation process, MotioninJoy is a very useful tool that can help users to install the joypads and seize their facilities.


  • Great for gamers


  • complex installation

Download Free MotioninJoy 0.6.0005 For PC

Installation Mode

The installation of MotioninJoy can be a bit complex, even for users with a little more experience in the computer world. Please follow the steps indicated by  portal to avoid confusion and head pains.

  • Even with disconnected control, unzip the zip file and run the installation software.
  • Connect the Playstation 3 controller to the computer via the USB cable.
  • Through the Start menu, browse to the path: “Programs> MotioninJoy> Instal MotioninJoy driver” click that last right-click and run as administrator.
  • A DOS command screen will open, wait for the installation (this may take a while) and restart the computer.
  • With the system reboots, open the DS3 Tool and look for the “pairing” tab.
  • Click the “pairing” button and return to the first screen to choose a profile.

Download Free MotioninJoy 0.6.0005 For PC, from below link.

Download Free MotioninJoy 0.6.0005 For PC

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