Download Free MSN Messenger 2009 For PC, Windows XP 7, 8

  • The last MSN Messenger successor to the Portuguese version provides an innovative experience in communication

The most famous instant messaging and used in the world improved their visuals in its 2009 version, interface of chat windows and many (even many) news that will undoubtedly appeal to all users. This release comes with Windows Live Essentials package that provides the latest MSN and offers users a range of Microsoft programs.

Main Functions of MSN Messenger 2009 For PC

The available applications are:

  • Mail Beta: lets you access multiple e-mail accounts in one program, in addition to the calendar, newsgroups and feeds;
  • Beta Photo Gallery: tool for organization and photo editing;
  • Toolbar Beta: adds a Task Bar in Internet Explorer;
  • Writer Beta: for those with blogs, this is an excellent tool. Writer has a great and pleasant appearance, and include photos, videos, maps, events and brands;
  • Protection for Beta Family: offers more security for parents while browsing, as they can leave their children have fun with care on the internet.

The protection tool ensures control and blocking of inappropriate content.

You can also find feature updates that probably are already on your computer such as Microsoft Office Outlook Connector and Microsoft Office Live Add-in.

Now yes, the Messenger 2009

You know this Messenger that you are used to using? So … Forget all the concepts already seen! The 2009 version came to shake and show that the communicator is increasingly gaining strength. With the revamped look, several features have been reworked
The triumphal entry

Once installed the 2009 version, you will come across a very familiar input window at first, but he suffered a sensitive finish. When you enter any email address recognized by your computer the general appearance of this window fits the scenario and customization used by the user. This is true even for those who are migrating from previous versions – nothing like a family and individual reception for everyone who uses MSN.


General interface

The Toolbar and all file resources, Contacts, Stocks, etc. Tools They disappeared from the top. Now if you want to access the tools, simply click the “Show Menu” button to check the functions.

Chat windows with new structure

One of the most radical changes in the structure of the new chat windows refers to the avatar pictures position, which left the right side and moved to the left.
Animation images in GIF can be included as avatars, leaving even more fun and colorful windows.

The chat window has now become much more volatile, or can adapt at will. Unlike before, now each field can be moved and adapted to the size of your needs. Note that they have bars that can be moved to change the size of your dialog box, contact information and your field to write messages – all independently.

Escondido resources

Besides the color customization option interface, more features are somewhat hidden in the new MSN interface. The images of chat windows can be hidden quickly, since there is a line, apparently invisible, just off the conversation. Just move the mouse to view it.

Scenarios and customization

With the top of the clean Messenger is easier and visually better make some customizations in the communicator interface. Discreetly, the function for color modification is located covertly in the upper right corner, just below the buttons to Close, Minimize and Restore. Hover this region to open and click Settings.

You will find various colors to change the tone of MSN, using a standard scenario-with the color change. This modifies only the tone of the general Messenger interface, not changing the colors of each window. That is, even if you set a favorite color, all conversation windows will by default blue (different from previous versions, in which to modify the color scheme, all resources took this tone).

Still to be customized just the general interface, you can choose and select a scenario or theme for Messenger. Eight scenarios found in the new messenger.
Like a garment, the top of the communicator is with a new look. Besides the eight scenarios, you can load any image stored on your computer and create a colorful header all.

Before and after

The “Options” function, already known in Messenger now has some features separately, ie, several options were dismembered and categorized individually, favoring usability.

The old option “General” now received the “Enter” setting, referring to the Messenger options for execution, such as automatic input, display images use and show Live Today when entering, among others.

The “Alerts and Sounds” function, which in all previous versions of Messenger showed up only in a tab, now spun off. It was categorized and distributed in a better way.

Custom sounds

If you have the need to set up a sound feature, just select the Sounds tab. A novelty of this feature is the ability to select custom sounds, that is, when your friends come on MSN, kissing sounds, alien or guitars can be triggered to alert you.
The inclusion of music also exists, and now you do not depend on the Plus! to do this. Click the “Add Sound” button, select an MP3, WMA or WAV and create your ringtones custom alerts.

Contact list

The “Layout” option is responsible for the way the contact list is displayed. The guide bars can be hidden (though, so far, no tab on the left side menu is available) and the display of his stories can be labeled and organized.

The contacts lettering makes you view your friends by name and last name or only the display name. The Sort option allows you to view the contacts that are in the online status or viewing by different categories.

The display images on your friends contact list includes options for list view, small picture, medium or large. Thus, you can determine how best to display your contacts in the list.

Other options for categorizing friends were created: Favorites and Groups. Favorites, as its name suggests, allows you to create a list of your favorite contacts, while Groups ensures the creation of groups of friends that can share data and communicate.

Watchful news from your friends

One of the coolest features in the new version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 is the News list. Located in the bottom window, all changes to your friends perform, such as changing picture and exchange of sentences personal messages are instantly displayed.

As if it were a small player, you can move forward or backward, checking all the news made by your friends. If an image is changed, you will see miniature size.

New sharing method

In previous versions, when forwarding a file to friends, it is transferred automatically. But the 2009 version offers a slightly different system. By the time you drag and drop the file into the chat window, a slide show is created. Thus, you and your friend can view the images before they are transferred. And the interesting thing is that your friend can add more images, working in collaboration.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the more elaborate resources and care in Messenger 2009. It is noteworthy that the images can only be viewed and not saved. And so the gallery is created, your friend needs to have the Messenger 2009 Beta installed.

A new Beta

Although even this is not the final version of Windows Live Messenger, this is the most updated version of the program and brings a number of improvements. Previous versions had small defects and inconsistencies that prevented the cancellation of your connection or viewing the sent emoticons. These and other defects pointed out by users were fixed in MSN 2009 promises to be impeccable.


In mesmBaixar the offline version of MSN package instaladoro are offered several other programs and not to make unnecessarily large file, has adopted an online installer. It works well on broadband connections, although the same does not occur in dialup or low internet connectivity.

Thinking about minimizing installation errors in limited bands, Microsoft also offers download the complete file. If you have problems installing MSN, download the offline version of the installer. Remember that the program has 136 MB and the download may take to resume the process without corrupting the file, use a download manager.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the MSN Messenger and its features, now that we know it.

Beta version

Incomparable! Although a Beta version, Windows Live Messenger 2009 came to shake. The interface features were redesigned, making identification and location of the tools is faster. The arrangement of the avatars on the left side took everyone by surprise, highlighting the Messenger as one of the most original and innovative communicators market.

The program gave up a gaudy appearance and focused his attention on discretion and modernity. Many people will be blown away by the innovative look that only the new MSN could present, however, it may confuse some old users. How many features are hidden to wipe your windows, sharpen their curiosity to find all the letters that this program hides in the sleeve.

The curious will love the News option

The curious will love the News option, which enables you to check in real time the changes you make contacts, exchanges are pictures or phrases in personal messages. The image sharing, establishing a slideshow presentation is very well done. Together, friends can add individual files or complete folders of photos, view and comment on each of them in real time. It’s a shame not being able to save the slides.

How to Download Free MSN Messenger 2009 For PC

Installer full of tools

By default, the installer that brings the new Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta provides additional programs marked for automatic download. If you are not interested in one application, simply uncheck the box for the program.

Please note: the new MSN Messenger beta version, the 2011, has been released for those with Windows Vista and 7.

Download Free MSN Messenger 2009 For PC, from the link below.

Download Free MSN Messenger 2009 For PC

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