Open Freely [Viewers of files]

A program to open all your files
It would be convenient if instead of having to search for programs to each file format, one to do the job right? That’s the goal of Open Freely: being “single program”, “a program to open them all.” And it falls short because with this application you can access over 100 different formats .

Open Freely lets you view, edit and print your images and documents, but with this program you can also watch videos and listen to music. It even has a built-in hexadecimal editor for source files. All in one program (yes, you can only open one file at a time this way). Certainly not 100% sure, because the program may fail in archives, and publishers has not advanced as specialized programs in a file type. But their use is very useful as a backup for those formats that are not compatible with our current programs, or do not know what it is.

Its formats include:


  • image files
      as RAW, ICO, PSD, JPEG …


  • system

as EXE, DLL …

  • Microsoft Office (DOC, PPT, CSV) and other text documents as PDF, RTF, ODT, etc..


  • multimedia files

, whether audio (MP3), video (MPEG) or flash (SWF).

  • compressed files of 7z, ZIP, too …
  • code files
  • as JAVA, PHP or KML among others.

Open Freely [Viewers of files]

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