Raiderz Europe [MMO]

A MMORPG game full of action in a fantasy world
Raiderz is a role-playing game massively multiplayer online (or MMORPG ) free, full of fast paced action.

We create our custom character and stand up to the monsters that inhabit the planet Velix. Thanks to excellent graphics and an artistic design similar to games like Guild Wars 2 and TERA undoubtedly enjoy our adventures.

In Raiderz no distinct classes , so we are free to choose between different weapons and abilities as well as their associated combat styles. Want to become a frontline warrior? Mangle? Fearsome enemies with magical powers? Make you a master of two-handed weapons? The decision is yours, not limited to a predefined choices.

The game is mostly PVE oriented , ie the cooperative play in the game world. But that does not mean that it is improving progressively competitive multiplayer (PVP).

The game also features frames from almost the beginning of the game, as the “gallant Moa”.

In Raiderz what are leveling up your skills, while improving your character and you can access a range of them growing up. Thus, over time, you will create your own style of play and will use your preferred fighting style.

Raiderz Europe [MMO]

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