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Every time you create, edit or access a folder on your PC, Windows keeps track of this information in the registry. If this does definitely has a positive effect, keep this information could adversely affect our privacy. ShellBag Analyzer & Cleaner is a small utility to be able to help in this regard.Into Once launched an application, which requires no installation, the software will track of all the folders that you have opened, indicandovene their name, location and date of last visit. You can click on any column header to sort the records for that field, and you can filter the data in various ways. Selecting “deleted folders”, you can find references to the deleted folders, even long before, which could reveal sensitive information and data.

If you are concerned about this information, click Clean on the software will provide some possible solutions. ShellBag Analyzer & Cleaner can remove the references to particular types of folders, dates and times also securely overwriting this information, so that it can not be retrieved later.

Caution Into the choices you make: if you delete the references to folders that still exist, you could lose access to the data. ShellBag Analyzer & Cleaner can also delete references to system folders, but this “is not recommended.”


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