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The Simpo PDF Creator Lite For PC, is an application for creating PDF files from documents in various formats. The program has support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, HTML, TXT, images (BMP, PNG, JPG and GIF), among others. It works as a virtual printer.

Using the application

The Simpo PDF Creator Lite could be described as an application for working with files in PDF format. Once installed, the program is recognized by the system as a printer. To access it, even it is necessary to enter the “Devices and Printers” window (which can be done either through the Control Panel as by typing “Devices and Printers” or run Windows bar).

The primary objective of this program is to save files in PDF format. Because it operates as a printer on your computer if you want to change orientation of pages or formatting elements, you can do so by accessing the application and entering the “Properties”.


Preparing the creation of PDF

To begin the process, select the desired file and have it print the traditional way. Do not forget to choose how the printing device the Simpo PDF Creator Lite and continue the process. Then, note that it opens a new window. There, you should set the new file storage location.

You can do so by typing the path in the “Save as” or by clicking the “Browse” button to choose the appropriate directory on your computer. If you want the document to be opened at the end of the creation process, select the “Open PDF When finished” alternative. In “Settings”, you will find some interesting options.

Note that when you click this button, a new window opens.

Note that there are three tabs with functions: Meta Data, Security and Advanced. At first, you can modify some of the document properties such as title, author, subject and keywords (for search engines or subject association, for example).

To access the “Security” tab, you can activate a protection through encryption and password. To do this, start by checking the alternative “Enable PDF Security” and choose the desired level of protection. So there are some options for you to define specifically how it will enable the application of alternatives.

Owner Password

Note that below this option there are two types of passwords. The “Owner Password” is a master password, it allows full access to the file content. By filling in this field, only those who know the combination created will be able to use the document with all that apply to it.

The “User Password” must be set to establish permission there are some functions with respect to the created document. See that right side of passwords there to three alternatives: “Allow printing” (allow printing), “Allow changing” (possible changes) and “Allow copy or extract” (allow copy or extract portions). They are part of the “limited access” for which the aforementioned password is set.

Set only limited access

As much as she set only limited access, this password should not be left blank. If this occurs, you can open the file without using a password. The last tab in this window, “Advanced”, allows you to adjust details about the source, paging and file compression. When everything is according to your wishes, click “OK” to return to the previous window.

To generate the document, click “Save PDF”. Then, the application creates the document with user-defined options. To open it, you can use the first password (with limited access) or second (to make all possible operations).

Our opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the Simpo PDF Creator Lite and its features, now that we know it.

A high quality application

The Simpo PDF Creator Lite is a high quality application. Although it is limited with respect to program the paid version, it allows the creation of PDFs quickly and easily (just a few steps). Furthermore, there is the possibility of protecting the documents generated by password and encryption.

The application has support for a number of formats, including the most used for documents. Moreover, the process is very fast, even setting up large files in a few minutes. The program worked appropriately, without errors or other problems.


  • User friendly interface
  • Simple use Lots


  • Entirely in English

How to Download Free Simpo PDF Creator Lite For PC

Download Free Simpo PDF Creator Lite For PC, from the link below.

Download Free Simpo PDF Creator Lite For PC

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