SmillaEnlarger 0.9.0


SmillaEnlarger is an easy to use used to enlarge pictures . Of course, almost all graphic editors have an option to Resize, but SmillaEnlarger aims to produce better quality results with less blur or “pixelizzatura” images.

Into To use the program simply drag and drop an image, choose the output size and click on the “Enlarge and Save.” So, you do not need high level skills: SmillaEnlarger handles most of the work for you. Into If you want to have more control, SmillaEnlarger allows you to select the particular area of ​​an image that you want to enlarge: click the Parameters tab settings will be revealed as: “Sharpness”, ” Dithering “,” DeNoise “and” FractNoise. “Into Even though at first there was some skepticism, SmillaEnlarger generally magnifies images better than other graphics software. A software to keep in your toolbox.

SmillaEnlarger 0.9.0 Free Download

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