SonicShack Design Studio 1.0.2 For PC, Windows XP 7, 98, 2000, 2003, 8

  • Who said there are no perfect clothes for you? Here you do from their own shirts to backpacks

TheSonicShack Design Studio 1.0.2 For PC, is a program developed with Adobe AIR technology, which lets you create customizations in pieces such as clothing, bags, posters and many others. You can add images, drawings and texts, the way you want to get everything to your face.

Features of SonicShack Design Studio 1.0.2 For PC

Drawing parts

When you open the program, the first thing you should do is select one of the product categories. There are shirts, sweaters, caps, bags, banners and more. Once you get in one, you will see different kinds of pieces related to that category. In addition, there are subcategories that separate parts by type (short-sleeve, long, etc.).

After choosing the type of clothing you will use, you only get to “put your hands dirty.” In the play view, you will see that there are many icons on the top of it, indicating front views, backward, left and right. There are also different color options.


Clicking on “Art gallery” you find what will characterize your clothes (or bag, poster, banner, backpack): the drawings. As in the case of parts, the images are also equally divided into categories and subcategories. To add an image, you can drag it to the clothing, or simply double-click.

Will open many options for the image you added: rotation, rotate, flip, change the color, increase or decrease. If you do not like and want to delete it, just click Delete. Another option, if you want something super custom, is to use the Upload button. Thus, you can upload any image of you that is on your computer to use it in his play.

Another option to feature your piece is adding text. You can put whatever you want, whether phrases, sayings, your name or a song lyric. The program already brings together various sources that you can use for text.

Saving and buying

Once you’re done, there are several options. One is to save your “project” to be able to open it later. To do this, just click on Save, enter a name for your play and enter your email. When you want to open again, just click Retrieve and enter this data. You can print too, but will be with a watermark of the program on the front.

Now if you want to buy, just click on “To Cart / Pick Qty.” However, you should take into account that it is an international service. So perhaps it is a little tricky to make an order of these.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the SonicShack Design Studio and its features, now that we know it.

Design Studio is very large

The amount of customization’s within the SonicShack Design Studio is very large. Not only by the amount of pieces you can choose – from blouses having to travel backpacks – but also because of the number of images and the way that you can manipulate them.

The only problem is that because it is a program of an international store, you can hardly buy you created. It ends up being useful only if you want to “play” to create parts, or simply need to make examples to get somewhere to carry out the work. Another option is to post the creation on their website. How about a shirt just her?


Number of customizations
Good to play to create pieces


For international shop

How to Download Free SonicShack Design Studio 1.0.2 For PC

Installing the program

To install SonickShack Design Studio, you need to have Adobe AIR installed. When you open the page of the site, you’ll see two different applications to install, within the page itself. On top just click “Install Now” and wait. Once you open a window of the program, just follow the installation instructions normally.

Download Free SonicShack Design Studio 1.0.2 For PC, from the link below.

Download Free SonicShack Design Studio 1.0.2 For PC

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