Tor Browser 2.3.25-1

Tor Browser is a free software that allows you to browse the online remain anonymous . Using the services provided, in fact, you can make connecting to a Web site not provided personal information, hiding their connection behind a dense network of nodes distributed around the world. The operation of Tor is in fact quite simple: activating it on your computer, each request to a server is not carried out directly, but bounces to other nodes to ensure greater protection, providing the end user with the requirements in a very short time. Easy to configure and completely transparent to the user, is now one of the best solutions in the field of anonymous surfing on the Internet.

anonymous browsing with Tor

Into Using Tor , and then you can make it more difficult to intercept personal information while browsing. Normally connecting to a Web site, in fact, are provided a series of data relating to own connection, such as the IP address, which in some way can be used to trace geographically user who made the request. Leveraging instead Tor you can work around this problem, hiding their connection in a network virtual server (relay) run by volunteers and made available for this very purpose.

Into These servers, therefore, acts as a router between the user and the server, mediating all communication and making it impossible to know the true identity of the server that the client has sent a request. This filtering operation therefore makes the navigation significantly more secure, reliable and protected, without, however, offer a guarantee equal to 100% from that point of view. In addition, Tor can be used to access Web sites to which it is impossible to connect using your connection, for example due to blockade imposed by your ISP. The whole, then, takes place using low-latency communications, minimizing delays due to intermediate steps required.

graphical interface and operation

Tor Browser is a mix of tools to use the Tor network in a simple and fast. The heart of this software is the control panel Vidalia , which is concerned with establishing a connection to the network and perform all operations necessary for the development of services. In other words, thanks to Tor Browser you can configure the Tor network automatically, by doing only the green light by the application. Of course, you have several options in the menu for manual configuration of the software, which can be ignored if you do not want to change the advanced parameters of the application.

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Into The GUI main Tor Browser is in fact made up of Vidalia, control panel rather simple. The bar high in the window shows the status of the connection and the operations performed, indicating the activation of the private browsing mode. A little further down are willing then four buttons: one to stop Tor, one for quick access to the configuration menu of the relay, one to keep a network of virtual servers available, and another may have to ask for a new identity. This then serves to make it appear as new all connections established after having clicked, allowing you to quickly change identity online. The buttons still lower then allow to obtain a set of useful information on the state of the network and the application, while the “Settings” button allows you to access the control menu of the application.

Into Through this panel to the settings, you can then set the path where the executable is located Tor, change the network settings (for example by adding a proxy or signaling the presence of a firewall), add new services, change the ‘graphical user interface and the application language, and access to some advanced entries.Into Within the package also includes a portable version of Mozilla Firefox , the famous browser which in this case is the real tool for accessing the Internet through Tor. After the establishment of the network connection you can then navigate remaining anonymous throwing an instance of the browser, inside the homonymous folder, allowing them to be sure you do not leave tracks. Open the browser also loads a default page which checks that the network configuration is correct and notifies the user the ability to use Tor in all its potential.


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