Torch Web Browser

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Torch Web Browser is an innovative web browser based on Chrome. The special feature of this program is to include some native solutions for the social, multimedia and file sharing. From the point of view of internet browsing, Torch Web Browser offers average performance and the user interface is very similar to the template-based Chrome.

Into The strengths of Torch Web Browser are others, as I said at the beginning. First there is the integration with a torrent client. In this way we will be able to download and share your files through P2P circuits without having to use a third-party software.

Torch Web Browser still offers a convenient tool with which you can download from the web pages all the media that we as streaming movies. In this case it is not necessary to use any alternative software. From the social point of view, this web browser allows you to share in a click photos, videos and web pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Into Finally, Torch Web Browser are also a convenient download manager with which you can download at maximum speed all the files you want.

Torch Web Browser

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