uTorrent 3.3 Build 29111

uTorrent with any certainty is one of the P2P client for the protocol . Torrent more known, appreciated and used by the network with which you can download from the network music, movies, games and any other kind of material. The reason for this success is simple and it is due to the fact that uTorrent has been used as the basis for later BitTorrent , the official client for the protocol. Torrent. And just as BitTorrent, uTorrent is presented to users as easy, intuitive, yet powerful and effective.

uTorrent is obviously distributed absolutely free of charge and are immediately struck by the extreme lightness and the interface very clear and usable, which provides excellent user experience for all those who approach for the first time in this form of file sharing .

Into In particular, great job of aging on the face design and ease of use has been made in the latest versions of this P2P client. Multiplatform (Windows, Mac and Lunux), uTorrent is also available in Italian language.

Into Forever in the latest version has been enhanced to support local networks. To function optimally uTorrent is not anymore necessary to port forwarding available in our router to the advantage of immediacy of use. But what copisce immediately of this software is the high possibility of customization and configuration.

Into And ‘it can customize almost any aspect. For example, we can program the software to use only a certain amount of bandwidth of our internet connection at a specific time of day. The third-party software installed, just like BitTorrent, uTorrent ingigantendone allow you to completely transform the capabilities and potential. Into The. Torrent can be searched using the powerful search engine , or you can import them from the network after taking them a thousand websites. uTorrent fonisce for each download, a whole series of indications such as levels of seeds , peers , trackers , with average download speeds and many other information .

Into Who makes extensive use of this software, you will appreciate the integration with technology RSS that allows you to stay up to date on the availability of new files . Torrent shared by users of around the world.

Into Furthermore, for large users of P2P clients , uTorrent also offers the ability to be managed remotely, even from mobile devices. What you need to do is simply go to the website https://web.utorrent.com/.

Into Another small but important feature, the integration of a small player in the software. This will make it possible to have a comfortable preview video or audio of what we are downloading. Very useful to see if the audio or video files that are downloading meets our expectations. On this issue is also very useful option that allows small to one vote, a. Torrent and thus allow to recognize the good ones from malignant or useless. Into In summary, uTorrent is one of the best free client for P2P now available in the network. Like its cousin BitTorrent, offers a user experience really of the highest level thanks to the renewed use interface ensures that even novice users maximum convenience. Into Easy, but also very complete and highly customizable with the ability to install third-party applications that expand the possibilities of use. Multiplatform and multilingual , it works on all latest versions of Windows, Linux and Mac

uTorrent can also be managed remotely from a computer or via a web portal dedicated or even via smartphone via a downloadable application in ‘ Android market .

Into Obviously, given the nature of the software, we recommend that it is used properly, sharing and downloading from P2P circuit only legal material is not protected by copyright or other restrictions on use.

uTorrent 3.3 Build 29111

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