WirelessKeyView 1.61

WirelessKeyView is a program that allows you to retrieve the keys to our wireless networks in case of loss. This particular tool allows you to view passwords in clear WEP networks and WPA stored on our Windows computer. A software very useful, because totally free, it puts rescue the careless users who can not remember the keys to wireless networks stored on your computer.


WirelessKeyView does not need installation and this makes this small ultile software “portable”, that we will be able to leave it for example on a USB stick for use on any computer. This option very useful for network administrators or computer technicians who have to go to work to recover network keys of other users’ computers.


Into The user interface of WirelessKeyView is certainly not his forte. The layout is very reminiscent of the old Windows 98 applications, yet who has developed this software has tended more on substance than the visual pleasure. In any case, it should be noted that are available to download translation files created by third party users of the program. In this way you can have your own language, including Italian, which further facilitates the use of a program which alone is handled intuitively.

How WirelessKeyView

WirelessKeyView can also be used by people not particularly network experts, this is because to make the most do not require any special knowledge. The program in fact must never be configured. Once started, WirelessKeyView will immediately clear all the keys to our wireless networks saved on your computer. Be careful though, as far as the WEP keys, the program will display in ASCII format . Also with regard to the keys WPA-PSK it is necessary to make some distinctions.

Into The WPA-PSK keys retrieved on the Windows Vista operating system will be displayed in ASCII, while under Windows XP in hexadecimal format. So, to display the original password will then need to use a converter ASCII or hexadecimal codes.Into It also specified that the program recovers wireless network keys stored by Windows and not those connected to any programs of third-party management.Into From the program you can also see some other details such as the ‘ SSID of the network and the type or brand of wireless adapter used on the computer.

Into All the data retrieved through WirelessKeyView can then be saved by exporting to formats HTML , XML or TEXT .

Into The developers also emphasize that in some cases the virus can identify this program as a trojan. Obviously this is a false positive.

Into For more advanced users, you can then run the program from the command line also. In the guide WirelessKeyView are explained with precision all the commands you can use.


We tried Into WirelessKeyView on a Windows XP computer and the results were really good. The program is very light and will start in a few seconds and immediately displays all passwords stored on your computer without having to configure anything.

Into No problem with the available options. All data can be exported even partially with just a couple of clicks. It should be emphasized, however, that the program should be used from the administrator of the computer. It will not work properly if used instead of user accounts on the computer.Into A program therefore very useful and easy-to-use and absolutely can not miss the collection of utility on your computer.

WirelessKeyView 1.61

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